Battlecity is a remake of the action/strategy/online game using SDL for portability. Players will have the option to join existing teams or start their own city. In both cases they will need to attack and defend to gain ranks.


Battlecity was first released in 1985 on the NES. The gameplay consisted of driving a tank and destroying other tanks while defending your base. The same gameplay was remade later on for PC by a company named Codehammer. This time around it incorporated online teamplay, city building on a huge terrain and perfectly balanced gameplay. After the game's server was taken down, players tried to recreate this once addictive game. Using sourceforge we hope to encourage current developers to unite and work on the same code together and hopefully reach more developers.


Combining basic Warcraft-like city building, ressource management and intense online teamplay, battlecity will feature a wide set of weapons and items. Players will have to use the tools given to them by their citie's mayor to destroy opposing teams. With their teamates they will need to find a way to the rival's command center where they will have the chance to annihilate the city. While mayors of a city need to make sure their command center's is well garded and unreachable. Good city design and plans of attack are key to survive on the battlefield.


Battlecity is coded using SDL for portability. Our main concern is windows, but we intend to port it for other operating systems.

Target audience

With a small fan base still waiting for a remake of Battlecity and addictive yet simple gameplay, we are positive the game will appeal to hardcore and casual gamers 10 to 25 years old.


Battlecity's biggest competitor is ARC. A free online multiplayer game featuring teamplay. We could also compare the ressource management, city construction and modern look to Command And Conquer
Author: RiZeUp

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