Weebo Battlecity is back! Thu 21 Apr 2005
Battlecity is finally back up and running! Go to http://www.battlecity.net to download for FREE and start playing!

Although the SourceForge project itself was not completed, the knowledge gained from its development was crucial to the success of the current version. Without the SourceForge team, Battlecity would still just be a memory!

SeeleJager Website Design Sat 09 Dec 2004
Looking for some new designs for the Battlecity Website. If you are interested in helping out, submit your idea's to the Battle City Forum for the community to vote on.

Weebo Progress Tue 16 Nov 2004
And the wheels start grinding again...

Tr4c3r Forums Mon 19 Jul 2004
The forums are back up again guys. Host was having some difficulty, but it has been resolved. Thanks

rizeup Forum downtime Fri 16 Jul 2004
The forums have been down for a little while now since sinclans.net, our host, is no longer registered. We'll try to get them back up as soon as possible.

RiZeUp June Update Thu 10 Jun 2004
The summer is here!
I thought i'd post a small update since everyone is requesting one.

It's been rather slow lately. Having to decide between looking at some random chics in skirts or coding BC is a tough choice.(Specially when you already spend 40 hours a week in front of a computer.

ReMoTe is working on some admin commands so cheating will definetly be punished in the first online version. From what I heard, Jerald was lucky enough to test the game out with ReMoTe. It appears they found a few pretty important bugs.

We're now at 843 downloads for v0.0.4! Pretty impressive.

Ok here's a cool contest I just thought about. Get your chance to try out battlecity before everyone and an @battlecity.net e-mail forward adress by getting the worst sunburn on your body. Make sure you write "BattleCity" on yourself with some suntan lotion. (Don't even try to use photoshop to fix your picture) Post your entries on the forum.

SeeleJager How Tr4c3r writes his code :) Sun 09 May 2004

Tr4c3r I'm ALIVEEE!!! [Death knight voice] Sun 25 Apr 2004
What? There's been a status update on the forums? WHY ARE YOU READING THIS? GO!

Tr4c3r Forums down Sat 10 Apr 2004
Sorry guys, the forums will be down for today. The person who pays for the hosting's card expired, and it should be back up within 24 hours.

Tr4c3r Update Mon 22 Mar 2004
Were still alive and coding BC folks! Next release shouldn't be too far off the track :)

Tr4c3r 0.0.5 Sun 07 Mar 2004
Remote finally has his internet hooked up, and has already made 4 or 5 significant changes to the code! Our team now consists of 4 dedicated BC developers, and a die-hard community!

Thanks Remote!

Update Wed 03 Mar 2004
Well, I've coded a basic menu structure. Although not very functional right now, all Connect does is go to the Alpha you are familiar with, but I do have some pretty spiffy looking click animations going!

What I plan to do next is add a dialog function that will draw a basic dialog box with the text I specify in it, with an Ok button. It will also lock out the background menu, so you MUST dismiss it before any of the other stuff is clickable again. This will be used for telling the user their an idiot and such.

More later.


SeeleJager New Look... a digital face lift Wed 03 Mar 2004
Now that we know what the games interface will look like, we can adjust the look of the website to coincide with it.

Enjoy! And thank you for all your suggestions.

Tr4c3r Revamped!!!!! Fri 27 Feb 2004
The entire drawing code, item code, and soon to be building code has been COMPLETELY rewritten! Now when you get closer to the edges of the map, the tank actually moves properly, while the map stops.

Items use a linked list, thus imposing a significantly less limit on how many we can have in the game ( and you can stack them now ) - Thanks RiZeUp

Buildings will be implemented in a similar fashion to items, and wont be limited by a static object array size (bullets are, 1024 simultanious bullet objects)

Shooting now works properly (hold shift) and the delay seems similar to that of BCDX. Bullets now collide with rocks.

Most of this stuff you won't notice in BCSF 0.0.5, but is very significant.

I think the next major feature RiZeUp and I will aim to include, is online chat (daily bullet chat) and some sort of startup menu (temporary or not)... I do not believe it will be very hard to do menus.

End communication.

SeeleJager New Links page Thu 26 Feb 2004
A links page has been created for the community. If you have or know of a website that can benefit other users or is related to BattleCity then feel free to email me at vegetaextreme@hotmail.com to have your suggested links added to our site.

If you have a personal website you would like to share links with us to improve your search ratings, we will accept link exchanges also.


SeeleJager New Download Page Wed 25 Feb 2004
A new page has been added to the BattleCity Project website. Click the Downloads button to go to the Downloads page where you can access the BattleCity Alpha game files as well as other BC related files.

More files will be added in time, so check back here periodicly for changes. :)

Tr4c3r 0.0.4 Released Sun 22 Feb 2004
The source and executable files have been released on sourceforge! Head on over to download and see the progress!

Tr4c3r Removing unactive developers Thu 19 Feb 2004
Hi guys, If you are a developer on the sourceforge project, and have not been active, you will be removed. Please make a post in the forums under the developer section to remain on the project.

Tr4c3r Forums back Tue 10 Feb 2004
Everythings fixed. These are not the droids you are looking for. Move along!

Tr4c3r Forums Hacked Mon 09 Feb 2004
It seems the clan that hosts the forums for me has been hacked, as the redirect for sinclans.net was changed to another pointless website. Everything is untouched.

Please be patient while the domain changes back to our webserver.


Tr4c3r New developer Sat 07 Feb 2004
Hey guys, I would just like to announce that RiZeUp has added somone that will help with the project, that goes by the name of "Rakinishu".

In case you don't know who Rakinishu is, I suggest you go play Diablo II right now. That is all.

SeeleJager Website under Development Wed 04 Feb 2004

Welcome to the homepage of the BattleCity Project. We are currently developing our website, so there is not a whole lot to see just yet.

However, you can see the progress of the BattleCity Project by following these links:
- BattleCity on SourceForge
- BattleCity Forums

Thanks, and be sure to check back here for news updates, resources, downloads, BC Community, etc.

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